Steve Eddins

Steve Eddins portrait

Professional career

Steve retired from MathWorks in 2024, after 30 years in software development. He developed algorithms for the Image Processing Toolbox, especially in linear and nonlinear filtering, morphology, geometric transformations, image registration, and color science. He made key contributions to MATLAB product features, including the profiler, FFT functions, multidimensional array processing, color scales, and data structures. Steve led several teams for MATLAB and toolbox development. He was a senior MATLAB designer and created design standards for MATLAB programming interfaces. His average marathon race time is NaN.

Steve is co-author of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB and writes the Matrix Values blog. He wrote the Steve on Image Processing blog on MATLAB Central for 18 years.

Earlier in his career, Steve was on the engineering faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He received his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Steve Eddins is an amateur musician and French horn enthusiast. He is principal horn with the Melrose Symphony and 2nd horn with the Concord Orchestra, two volunteer community orchestras in the Boston area. He has also performed with several other orchestras in the region, including Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra, Symphony by the Sea, Boston Civic Symphony, Carlisle Chamber Orchestra, Wellesley Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Pro Musica, and the New England Film Orchestra. He studies horn with Hazel Dean Davis.

Steve is on the Board of Directors and is Technology Advisor for Cormont Music, a nonprofit organization that holds the annual Kendall Betts Horn Camp in New Hampshire.

Steve writes Horn Journey, a blog about exploring paths for learning and musicianship on the horn.